Thursday, October 22, 2009

health-illness continuum

gosh... its late at night now (or i should say it is in the morning now?) and im still sitting here studying for Healthcare for Pharmacy

gosh~ this subject is killing me~ tonnes of things to be memorized... tonnes of definitions to be remembered... what to do??

hello~ angie!!! NO ONE FORCE u to persue this course ma~ there's always a better and easier path for u to follow... YOU are the one who wanted to do this course so badly! what is so good about pharmacy?? to earn money? to grab money from patients? to sit in the pharmacy outlet and wait for the money to come to you??

let me clarify here~ no doubt it can earn $$ BUT that is not exactly what i wanted!
it is that strong feeling~ a feeling that instill in my heart since high school life~ the strong feeling to help people in need~ funny huh?? but that is the truth~ nothing else but the truth~ the true feeling in my heart~

but everything is not as easy as what i thought...
practicals are killing me...
hectic schedules are killing me...
having no time to spend on myself is killing me...
having not enough time to prepare for my quizzes are killing me... sigh~
health-illness continuum diagram

okok... back to the health-illness continuum~ it says that an individual's state of health is one of continual change. one's condition is rarely constant.

no doubt... it is so true~ when i come to this diagram... i was like ya... we will never know what will happen next day... or even next SECOND! you might doing fine now but you might not be able to sit in front of the computer and start blogging the next hour! you might suffer severe illness the next moment! our life/ our health is fluctuating throughout our life~

there's really nothing we can do to make our health condition constant... not even a second... but what we can do?

this diagram has taught me a lesson... learn to appreciate what i have now... appreciate that im still able to sit here and blog and tell the message... appreciate that i have a chance to persue the course that i always wanted to do, though it is tough...but will GOD,all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) He will always prepare the best for us~

comparing myself with the people out there... im far more better than them. at least, i have a family who loves me, i have friends, i have clothes, i have the chance to learn/study, i have everything i want... and MOST IMPORTANTLY, i have chosen by LORD JESUS CHRIST... i have a chance to know the true GOD... i should be appreciate for all these... GOD will prepare everything for me...

thank god... for giving me strength... thank god for strengthen my faith again~ asking me not to give up hope on what am i studying/doing now... letting me to believe that if i try my best, God will always do the rest...

(p/s: i really hope that Jesus speaks to you through this message!! DO NOT GIVE UP!!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

~ice cream~

轻松一下,先来杯Haagen-Dazs芒果ice cream吧!哈哈~生病??不管啦!先吃了再算。。呵呵~最近真的忙得透不过气来。。。每天只忙着读书,准备考试。。。幸好好又一杯冰琪淋温暖了我的心田~~哈哈~吃完后再努力向前跑吧!哈哈~


Thursday, October 8, 2009


今天。。。应为化学科(Organic Chemistry)突然取消。。
因为我星期五要领诗,又不懂要唱什么。。所以就请教歆倩大姐咯!! 嘻嘻。。

哇。。真的让我深深体会到don't judge a book by its cover。。。

谢谢上帝的礼物~谢谢歆倩愿意跟我这个了lulu做朋友 =D


Monday, October 5, 2009


haih~~ din update my blog for quite some time.... lol~~

well, today... im not gonna post grandmother's stories again... lol...

im going to shut my lappie for 2 days until after my gen chem quiz... emm

i always on9 and didn't get to study... i feel bad... emm~~

so, i will pass my lappie to my mum for these 2 days... lol

AND concentrate on my studies!!!!

bye bye to facebook and windows live messenger... bye bye to my blog...

hehe~ will be back after my quiz!! =D

do pray for my quiz ya!! thank you~ wakaka