Thursday, January 14, 2010

happy birthday~ ms tan hui ling~ 15/01

actually im busy doing my lab report~ emm~
cause i have to finish it as fast as possible so that i can enjoy my weekend~ lol
i suddenly think of her ~ lol~
her dark face~ (MUAHAHA~~)
today(15/1) will be her 20th birthday~ lol
though she is in Penang now...
but i still have to wish her happy birthday right? lol
hope that she will shine n glow in the year of 2010~ lol
don't be sad cause i cant celebrate your birthday ya~ haha
cause~ you are ALWAYS IN MY HEART~
love u~ haha
happy birthday~ MICHELLE TAN HUI LING~ =D
lol~ have a blast one~ god bless you~~ lol~
ok... time to get back to my work~ lol~

1 comment:

  1. thnx darling~ act i wanted to comment on this ages ago bt the line here doesnt allow..
    anyway~ thnx alot.. appreciate it.. lv ya! ^^