Monday, January 4, 2010

thanksgiving card for our beloved cell group leaders

thanks to him, we become vv sot

thanks to him, we had fun in every cell group meetings

thanks to him, we had chance to serve the old folks

thanks to him, we learned to rely on GOD....

too many thank you already~ thank you Sam~

haha... last but not least~ thank God for bringing me to this cell group~ =)

and thank God for guiding our cell group all the way through... =)

kelly(his wife) n sam
dicky lye n kit
jaws n ray
sakara n ken
michelle n angie
cheryl n wywe
jason n ling
may n melody
tzee yan n fei yee
group pix 1
group pix 2
group pix 3 n pastor n family
ps: special thanks to ms Hon Fei Yee for helping me to complete this. thank you~ muackz

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